– Caldaria in Caldari
– Colle dei Silvi and Zetis in Ortona
– Piane di Maggio, Colle del Duca and Capo le Vigne in Rogatti
– Finamore and Pietra Lata in Frisa
– Capomandra, Riseis, Tenuta del Barone and Recastro in Crecchio

In 1988 – several years in advance rispect of the first european regulation about organic agricolture – Giannicola Di Carlo converted his 65 hectares to organic farming, attracting the attention of leading industry experts also for its innovative ecological  farming practices: green manure leguminous plants, Sempio, which through the nitrogen-fixing (tubercles radical-radical micorizzati on the apparatus), are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, avoiding the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, or the mating disruption technique based on pheromones traps that, confusing the parasites, avoids mating and reproduction.


Certified by I.C.E.A. since 1991, Agriverde was one of the first wineries in Italy to believe and bet on a new kind of production: ethical, eco frinedly, especially healthy.
As a pioneer in research and innovation, Agriverde Bio lines are also certified BIO-VEGAN because they are produced without animal products, either in the vineyard or in the winery: to fertilize the most of our vineyards we use seaweed and humic acids and – in clarification processes – we do not use Albumin and Casein (substances derived from eggs and milk). With dual certification we guarantee a very low risk of food intolerance: for the welfare of the people and to preserve the health of the Planet.



Besides, AGRIVERDE carries out only organic fertilization with humic acids and other active principles ruled by EEC regulation no. 2092/91and certified by control organizations I.C.E.A. (Institute for Ethic and Environmental certification acting also on behalf of USDA for the National Organic Program certification) NOP and A.I.A.B. (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture)


It’s not a case then, that in the project of new AGRIVERDE winery, principles of Bioarchitecture and Biotechnique have been involved. All the rooms have been built with eco-friendly materials, electrical installations have been screened against magnetic fields, flooring and passages have been assembled with natural glues, everything has been done accordingly to the philosophy  of AGRIVERDE.


In perfect harmony with the landscape, forms and volumes conjure up the Sky, the Earth and the Sea, where AGRIVERDE lives in the gentleness of its hills, between Adriatic Sea and the Mount Maiella.