Organic Honey Vinegar

Honey Vinegar is the oldest form of vinegar known to humans. In fact, it was used by the Egyptians many years before the discovery of grape vines. In addition, it is one of the first vinegars derived from hundreds of wild plants. It has a pleasant vinegary taste, is light and easily digestible, of a golden colour and very aromatic. Honey vinegar is rich in enzymes and mineral salts.

Ideal as a dressing for any salad (garden, rice, pasta, cheese). It imparts a wonderful flavour leaving meats, fish and sauces enriched with a wonderful light honey aroma. Diluted in water and served cold, it is ideal as a thirst quencher. Honey vinegar born of the nectar and of the enzymes of the honey bee does not require pasteurization.
The gentle and natural fermentation is achieved from the development of acidic bacteria, and is made with absolutely no preservatives and additives.

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